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The shop for hoomans that love their bunnies. 

About us

Established in 2014, the Bluey & Alice Bunny Refuge is a registered charity dedicated to helping bunnies. We take in abandoned, neglected and unwanted bunnies. Our aim is to have these buns desexed, vaccinated, used to being handled and ready for adoption.

While at the refuge, the buns learn to trust humans again. We make every effort to rehabilitate the bunnies that stay with us through countless opportunities for cuddles and routine care. 

Hop To It is an in-home bunny boarding facility, although quite often it becomes a boot camp for some of our more spoilt guests! This is the fundraising arm to the refuge. As you might be aware, the adoption fee does not adequately cover vet bills – de-sexing, vaccination and microchipping – or food. We spend about $200 per week on fresh greens alone.

Hop To It is a business, but it sends the vast majority of its profits to the Bluey & Alice Bunny Refuge. By supporting Hop To It, you are looking after your own buns and helping the bunnies at the refuge.

We are located in Cockatoo, Victoria, Australia.

Remember to adopt, don't shop!


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